How To Buy Scrap Gold And Turn It Into Handmade Jewelry

If you have ever sold scrap gold to a jeweler, you may be wondering just what it is they do with all the gold they buy. Well, they do one of two things. One, they sell it to a gold smelting company that will turn it into bars and coins for safekeeping and investing; two, the jewelers at the shop will melt the gold down and craft artisan jewelry from it. It just depends on the shop and the skill set that the employees have. If you are thinking that you would like to buy scrap gold and make your own jewelry from it, here is how to go about it. 

Use Various Advertising Channels to Find Gold Sellers

In order to buy the gold you need, you must first advertise that you are buying. To do that, you will need to post advertisements on every channel you can. Social media is a good place to start because you can reach hundreds to thousands of people in a single day. After a month, you may have to find another way to fund your gold-buying just so that you can continue buying the gold that people want to sell to you. While you are waiting for responses from sellers, you can take what gold you have on hand and begin learning how to melt it down and create jewelry molds for it. 

Melt Only the Same Purity Levels Together

The melting point of gold is just over 1,900 degrees Fahrenheit. That is four times hotter than the hottest temperature of your oven! You will need an electric gold smelting pot in order to get the gold hot enough to melt. You should also be extremely careful about melting gold with the same purity levels. For example, you need to melt 14k gold with only 14k gold in the pot, 18k with 18k, and so on. If you mix purity levels, there is no way to determine what you have, and it may become very brittle during the molding process. If you want to work with the purest gold (i.e., 24k), then you have to learn how to use flux crystals to extract the gold from the other metals that decrease the gold's purity level. If you use the flux crystals, then all of the gold you extract is supposed to be 24k, and you can melt it in the crucible with few to no worries. 

Create Your Own Molds

Wax or soap molds are probably the easiest to craft. They will only last for one casting of your gold, however. You may want to learn how to create metal molds because they last longer. You can do all of the above jewelry-making activities while you wait for gold sellers to respond to your gold-buying advertisements. 

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