How To Find Out More About Your Antique Furniture

If you are the current owner of some antique furniture, you might wonder about its history. These are a few ways that you can get answers to your questions and learn more about the pieces that you own:

Ask Older Family Members

Did you get your furniture from a family member or find it in your attic? If so, one of your older family members might have some memories about the furniture and might be able to tell you more about it. Along with learning more about your furniture, this can also be a great bonding experience.

Look in Old Catalogs

If you search online or in local antique stores, you might be able to find old catalogs that feature antique hardware, antique furniture and more. You can also look for brass hardware reprint books and reprinted antique furniture catalogs that are duplicates of the originals. You might be able to recognize your furniture or some of its hardware and other features to get an idea of how old your pieces are.

Read Antique Furniture Books

There are countless books and other research materials out there about antique furniture. You can purchase them, or you might even be able to find a nice collection that you can check out from your local library. Looking at these books can teach you more about your furniture and about how to take care of it and repair it. Plus, you can learn about other types of antique furniture along the way, which you could find will make a great hobby.

Have It Appraised

One of the best ways that you can find out more about your antique pieces is by having them appraised. Someone who is knowledgeable about antique furniture should be able to give you an idea of the type of furniture that you have and when it was made. You can also find out if it's in close to original condition or if it has been repaired along the way. Additionally, this can be a good way to find out more about how much your furniture is worth, in the event that you are thinking about selling it.

Having antique furniture can be a wonderful thing; you might find that it's worth more money than you realize, for one thing, and it can really add a lot of character and appeal to your home. If you have antique furniture that you would like to learn a little more about, following these tips can help.

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