Sewing Products Every Beginner Sewer Needs

Taking on the hobby of sewing and making clothing or quilts is going to take more than a needle, thread and some fabric. You'll also need a great sewing machine to help make those stitches perfectly straight and even to reinforce your fabric and hold everything you've worked so hard on. There's several other things you can use to help make your sewing projects go smoothly and to make your life a little easier. See below for some products and how they can help you.

Sewing Machine

The sewing machine you choose will depend on what you'll use it for. If you just want a sewing machine around your house in case the need arises to use it for simple projects such as making small repairs or small crafts like sewing pillows here and there, a basic sewing machine will do. Don't spend hundreds of dollars on a machine you will hardly use. If you intend on making quilts, sewing clothing, and making crafts often, a machine that is made for quilting is best for you. Be sure to do your homework beforehand to invest in a good quality machine that is going to last a long time and will help you do everything you want to create.

Craft Table And Space

If you are going to be using your sewing machine often, set aside space for a craft table to set your machine on and to use for making your quilts, clothing and crafts. This way you have everything you need in one space and don't have to worry about getting everything out each and every time you want to make something with your sewing machine. You can make your own table using two small shelves and a piece of wood over the top. Use four shelves and a larger wood top for a larger craft table. Then use the shelf space for your sewing products and fabric. Using a pegboard on the wall behind your table can also help you organize your items and products.

Measuring Tape And Ruler

A fabric measuring tape is essential when sewing. It helps you measure fabric, as well as the body if you are making clothing. For measuring fabric, attach the measuring tape to the side of your craft table to help make things a little easier. A fabric ruler can help make your life a little easier when cutting fabric, as you can use the edge to cut straight lines.

Scissors And Rotary Cutter

Those old rusted scissors sitting in your junk drawer just won't do. You need a great pair of sharp fabric scissors that will only be used for cutting fabric and thread. Using those scissors to cut paper or anything other than fabric will dull the edges. A rotary cutter is also helpful when cutting a lot of fabric when quilting. A pair of pinking shears is also helpful when sewing, as they help prevent your fabric from fraying.

Other Items:

  • Fabric marking pencil or chalk to use when marking measurements without damaging the fabric.
  • Straight pins and push pins are helpful to hold your fabric in place while sewing. Also be sure to have a pin cushion to hold all of these pins for you.
  • Thread and fabric can all be found at your local craft or fabric store, although big box stores may also have some of these basic items as well.

If you are just beginning to sew, purchase just basic items to be sure this is something you really want to get into. Taking a sewing class can also help you learn the basics of sewing and learning to become more familiar with your machine. For more information, contact companies like Singer Factory Distributor Inc.